Minecraft servers

Hi guys,

So I play a LOT of minecraft, and I’m going to say some of my favourite servers so far.

Hypixel~it’s fun for mini games, and I love the build battle game.

Candycraft~it’s great for playing in creative mode.


Empire minecraft~cool for building a house

That’s all I have for now, so bye!!!

-Bettycake world minecraft.png



An epic website (:

So, I saw this amazing website ages ago, and it has lots of cool gadgets and stuff. It’s called abowman, and it has a hamster game chrome extension that’s really cool, I totally recommend it.


abowman hamster

First blog post

Hello, I’m Betty and I’m starting this blog for fun, I probably won’t post daily, and this might be my only post. So, if anyone’s reading this, have a nice day.

I will post all sorts of things on this blog, but here’s a craft for decoration that I’d like.

    Yarn Balls  

You’ve probably heard of these before, but I’m gonna show you anyway.

1~Mix some water with glue in a bowl, make sure it’s not too watery.

2~Blow up some balloons, I used water balloons because they’re smaller.

3~Dip a long piece of wool (or yarn) in the mix of water and glue and wrap it round the balloons.

4~Leave the balloons until they’re completely dry and when they are, pop the balloons, an you’re done!

picture from: https://www.pgeveryday.com/home-garden/crafts/article/diy-yarn-balls